party filth from the series Welcome Campers

My colleague, collaborator, inspiration and friend Giancarlo posed for my Power Project      It’s important to remember that violence and manipulation happens to men too. 

Giancarlo did a killer job on makeup and hair for Ali Holder’s “Moon” video, which we are releasing in October (which is actually just around the corner! Slow down, summer), in time for All Hallows Eve. Stay tuned!

my fav from a shoot with Rebecca Minkoff for InStyle, see more here!

Chelsee’s legs

experimenting with the 4x5

camp romance from my behind the scene series Welcome Campers

Alex Levine, lead vocalist of The So So Glo’s, relaxing with his lady on the lake during Welcome Campers.

take your throne.

Free swim! at The Wild Honey Pie’s Welcome Campers

Yesterday felt like the hottest day of the year yet! I met and photographed the very kind fellas of Miniature Tigers- just before the release party for their newest album, Cruel Runnings- on the roof of The Wild Honey Pie headquarters in Brooklyn. Check out the album on Spotify and stay cool people!

My dear friend Tran posed for my Power Project <3