Awol and Melo after Frank Theil/MeLo-X party at Sean Kelly Gallery. 

I’m clearly still learning how to use the the 4x5 camera, but luckily I have the most beautiful subjects to practice on.

after a long winter at even the nicest of places in NYC, everyone’s radiator looks like shit.

The Marchesa bridal week show; an outtake from Jamie Chung’s Bridal Week Diary for InStyle

#tbt Al in Sonoma 

I photographed my old ‘hood. Check out the story on BKLYNR

I obsess over poinsettias in their natural habitat. Did you know they are shrubs or small trees, not a flower? The red parts are actually leaves, not petals.

My favorite is when they don’t have any green, just clusters of red at the end of spindly branches. They looks so abstract and so tropical, nothing like the potted kind we have here for Christmas.

Additionally December 12, my birthday, is National Poinsettia Day in the US.

This plant is growing just outside of Mexico City. The first time I saw wild poinsettias I was in Kerala, where they grow like weeds on the sides of the road.